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Aug 20, 2007

Do you know why women are marrying younger men?

Miss Finder –The Journo, investigates:

When a woman marries a man, who’s a few years older than her, we take it as normal. But when it’s the opposite, it becomes a topic of gossips! Let’s see why this inverse relationship is picking up pace in this modern times.

Though there’s a lot of debate about this issue, according to psychologists, - as women gain economic equality, they no longer marry for economic protection. Instead they marry purely on the grounds of attraction.

Relationship counsellors feel that older women are seeing younger men as someone who they can have fun with and also who doesn’t necessarily want to have children. They want somebody who is young enough not to feel threatened by their career as well. While on the other side, an older woman come across as being lot more mature and confident about herself, which can be very attractive to a younger man.

Psychotherapists believe that this has a lot to do with women’s increased position as a sex. They are doing better than men, with better education and more powerful jobs. They are therefore able to be more demanding and essentially doing what men used to do, - go for the younger, more beautiful models.

Some younger guys even told me that they find older women more sexy as they put on more flesh at right places with their age, transforming into a wholesome super curvy figure. Well, the debate may go on, but there’s surely an increasing change in the ratio of the role reversal, i.e. more older women marrying younger men. And gossipers, you are certainly going to get more engaged as this promising trend picks up more flames in the coming days!

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malawika said...

congrats, Miss Finder. Very good remarks :)

Zanariah said...

Men sometimes acts more childish and immature when they get older (at late 40s and early 50's), demanding for extra attentions and finding ridiculous faults. Sometimes we who live years with them find hard to understand their changes - not anymore gentle and secure but expecting us to mom them..maybe that's one of the reason they start going after younger women or ladies - to get childish and funny together. Some younger men come to rescue faster, are much more caring and patient, better than the oldies, good ideas and can discuss things openly..just my idea from some experience.