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Jan 7, 2008

Do you know why older men prefer younger wives?

Miss Finder –The Journo, tries to find answers:

If we look at the marriages world over, probably we will find that most of the marriages happen where men are comparatively older than their wives. This has become the most normal phenomenon! But here the point of discussion is a bit different –why older men (say fifty plus or higher) prefer much younger wives (say with an age difference of twenty or thirty plus or even more)? There are many well known relationships of the kind, such as Tony Curtis (82), and Jill Vandenburg (40), Michael Douglas (63), and Catherine Zeta Jones (38), or the late Anna Nicole Smith who married an ailing 89-year-old oil tycoon when she was only 26.

Is it culture, genetics or the environment which drives such a choice? A latest research shows that, at least for the Sami people of pre-industrial Finland, men should marry a woman almost 15 years their junior to maximize their chances of having the most offspring that survive.

Men with an eye for younger ladies, and women, who prefer a more mature man, are not just obeying cultural stereotypes: both have evolved to appreciate an age gap when it comes to sex and marriage -researchers have found in another study in Austria, sometime back. According to the research, natural selection has driven each gender's age preferences in mutually compatible ways. The explanation given is that men have a preference for partners who are visibly fertile, which is enhanced by youth, while women seek resources and status, which tend to increase with a man's age.

Researches always have their own findings! But off the records, when men, justify this mating pattern as some kind of an evolutionary sway that they have no control over -doesn’t that seem more like the fantasy of a group of old men wishing to shrug off their sexual greed for not being able to keep their tools in their pants for the more desirous and hotter younger babes? At least that’s how one of my colleagues puts it –“men of all ages are suckers for the young female aesthetics”.

Well! On a different perspective, it could also be that men mate with younger women because they struggle with the realities of growing old, and by mating with younger women they feel, however speciously, that they are still young!

Or, could I say that men always like to boss relationships and the younger the woman is, the easier it is!

And, how could you dump this logic that a young hot and beautiful wife is for many wealthy men a status symbol like a Ferrari or a Lear Jet which gives them a macho image of power and potency in their social and professional lives?

Well, well, well! Discussions debates and probabilities never cease to end! But, love never justifies any logic! It just happens! You never calculate the age difference before falling for someone. And if you do, it’s pure mathematics, not love! What do you say guys?

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