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Mar 31, 2008

Do you know why Mac is better than a Windows PC?

Techie, the whiz kid, guides you through technology:

Have you switched from your Windows PC to a Mac yet, or still a bit hesitant to the bargain? I assure you that you will have a glide, if you make the switch — be it an iMac, MacBook or even a Mac Mini.

I have nothing against Windows, especially if it is running XP. But if it is Vista — you will have to upgrade your memory, graphics card, hard disk and what not! Or you will have to buy a brand new expensive computer. Then, you have to decide on which version of VistaEnterprise, Business, Home Basic, Home Premium or Ultimate. If you decide to have the best — Ultimate, to run all your games and applications, it’s going to be an expensive affair!

So what’s so compelling about a Mac? If you compare between the Mac’s Operating System OS 10.5.1 (also called Leopard), Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ubuntu, you will understand the difference. In fact, the all Leopard version 10.5.2 is even better.

  • Installation: I rank Mac as the leader, next is XP and at the bottom, come Vista and Ubuntu.

  • Interface: Leopard gets full points. It is easy to use. Just drag and drop. The best part is the way you can preview your documents, photos and movies without even opening the player.

  • Bundled Software: The Mac comes with all the software you need. There is iPhoto to keep your photos and iTunes for your music and movies. This is what you use to sync your iPod. GarageBand makes music, audition instruments and even makes your own band. iMovie edits your movies in minutes, not hours as in Windows. With iDVD, you can make slide shows and movies and write it to a DVD in a jiffy. All this comes bundled under a package called iLife. If you want something better than PowerPoint and Excel you should go in for iWork which has Keynote, the equivalent of PowerPoint. The effects you can put into your presentation are awesome and without even knowing Flash or Photoshop. If you have worked on Excel then Numbers on a Mac is surely going to floor you.

  • Drivers and Hardware: Just about everything works with a Mac, even the stuff you used with your old PC. A Mac has USB drivers for printers, external drives, digital cameras, input devices, iPod and more. It can see Bluetooth cell phones and headsets, as well as FireWire cameras. No rebooting is needed and is hassle-free. And, no need to hunt for drivers all over the web, painstakingly.

  • Home or Office Network: Networking is a breeze with Leopard version 10.5.2. Windows systems link up with Macs, seamlessly. With Screen sharing you can control any PC on the network and drag and drop files with ease.

  • Virus, spyware and malware: There are approximately 115,000 viruses and more than one is being written every day. A Mac is not plagued by never-ending security dialog boxes from Internet Security Suites or Vista. You can safely go about your work or play, without interruption.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s high time that you stop fiddling with the idea about making the switch from a Windows PC to a power-packed Mac. Just dive for it, with your eyes closed!

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Navin said...

I was there at one guy's place who has MAC and I took my Vista Laptop with me. I was there to teach him computing stuff. Regardless of which OSes we were using, we could inter-connect and during conversation, I asked him that MAC never crashes, was that true and he replied something like I never expected. According to him, MAC crashes and stuff like that. I thought, better stick with Windows. At least I know how to troubleshoot all the stuff inside Windows. And yeah, networking part is hard on Windows, everything seems set but you couldn't figure out what's wrong and I know how to deal with that. Normal user would give up or call for help.


Navin said...

sorry, I forgot to check 'follow up', now doing that again.

techie whiz kid said...

Hi Navin!

I would always suggest to use it to see for yourself. It's simply a charm! If someone can't handle a smoothie like Mac, be rest assured that he would not be in a position to even start a Windows PC. Forget about running it.

Navin said...

you are right. Without using first, I've no right to comment on Mac. I'm eager to use Macbook Air and If i made enough money, I'll buy that thing one day.