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Apr 7, 2008

Do you know why men are dumb dates?

Miss Finder –The Journo, tries to find answers:

Men usually think they are the smarter sex. But when it comes to flirting they often prove out to be real dumb or boring dates, should I say? Just don’t overreact, all you men! A recent study claims that you just can’t read signals coming from the fairer sex. So, men those who consider flirting to be your traditional domain, think again!

To put it straight - men just don’t understand the attitude and advances of women. The flutter of eyelashes, the smile across the dance floor and the giggle after a lame joke - every woman knows the time-honored ways to get a man. But, men stand dumb to these subtle seduction techniques of the opposite sex, when dating. So, short of pouncing on the object of her lust, a woman’s non-verbal signals of sexual interest often prove sadly lost in the young male brain.

According to the study by the researchers at Indiana University, rather than going through life thinking “she wants me”, men often find themselves trying to navigate a foreign world of social signals without a phrasebook.

Kathy Lette, a best-selling author, says that the research is further evidence of women’s superiority. “Women are fluent in body language; men just have the gift of the ‘grab’. It is really confusing for women. The average bloke either doesn’t realize that we fancy them until we are giving birth to their children in the labor ward; or he presumes all women fancy him all the time. God was playing some kind of prank when he developed two sexes.” - Are you men listening?

Many men out there might get miffed, but the fact is that the male species fall flat on its face when it comes to gauging the female psyche in the initial dating period. “Men find it difficult to tell the difference between women who are being friendly and women who are interested in something more,” claims Coreen Farris, the lead researcher of the university’s Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Well, doing my own survey, interviewing a few men in my reach, I found out that there are some men out there who admit that they tend to go haywire while reading signals from the fairer sex and just go off-track while trying to read the expressions or body language of their womenfolk.

To conclude on the topic from my findings, I would say, men usually tend to err in their judgment of feminine ways because they probably believe in clichés. Their minds are not properly attuned to understand the delicate signals given by modern women. And, they normally stick to their preconceived notions about women and read what they want to.

But the few witty and intelligent of the male species may find some solace in Coreen Ferris, who believes “these are average differences. Some men are very skilled in reading clues.”

So, the time hasn’t yet arrived for women to ditch the lipstick at once because not all flirting gets lost in translation after all!

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