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Jul 21, 2008

Do you know why bees lose their buzz?

Bees lose their buzz

Prof. Know Why answers for your general knowledge and awareness on: Do you know why bees lose their buzz?

Like humans, the insect world also experiences problem in performing their routine jobs, when sick. Bumblebees lose a bit of their buzz when ill, and like humans, have a tougher time doing daily tasks until they recover, according to British researchers who reported their findings in the Royal Society's journal, Biology Letters, last week.

Evolutionary biologist Eamonn Mallon of the University of Leicester, who believes his findings can boost the efforts in saving dwindling bee colonies, said Honeybees with activated immune systems also have memory problems. He said that bees live on their memory. And, "If even a minor infection hurts its memory that is a major cost."

Like humans, bees can get sick and recover in days from infections after the immune system kicks into action to fight off viruses or parasites, Mallon said.

The researchers divided bees into two groups and injected half with a substance that stimulated the immune system. They then offered the bees the choice of blue and yellow flowers but only one color contained sugar water.

Eventually all the bees spent their time feeding from the correct flower but it took the stimulated bees 10 percent longer to reach this point, showing that an active immune response when ill affects memory, the researchers said.

In the past 50 years different kind of bee species and their population have become sparse day by day throughout the world and several are under threat. Scientists believe, apart from the farming methods that have deprived bumblebees of many traditional flowering plant food sources, diseases may help explain the decline.

Well, this can lead to serious concern about both the decline in wild bumblebee species and the effects of disease on the honeybee industry, of course if you care to give your ears!

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