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Sep 10, 2007

Do you know why we blush?

Prof. Know Why answers:

We all experience that deep rush of pink to the face known as blushing, sometime or the other. It happens when we are embarrassed, anxious, angry, ashamed, guilty or receiving unwanted attention. Blushing means we are uncomfortable. Along with that normally goes an avoidance of eye contact with others and a glowing or tingling sensation over the entire body.

But why do we blush when we are embarrassed? Well, blushing is a nervous reaction that triggers tiny blood vessels in the skin to widen. This allows more blood to flow to the skin, causing the reddening.

Scientifically, blushing begins with an emotion - usually one associated with self-consciousness. A confused state of mind then acts upon the sympathetic nervous system. From there, the vasodilators (parasympathetic nerve fibers) are stimulated which causes the peripheral capillaries to expand. As a result, more blood flows to the surface of the face and neck, resulting in the reddening of the face and neck.

Sometimes people may not blush visibly, but may react differently, like tapping their fingers noisily or clearing their throat. Blushing is associated more with the young and inexperienced, rather than the aged. And, it has also been observed that women blush more readily than men do.

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Jay Cam said...

wow i never new that! thanks for the info! this site looks awesome so for!

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Wikta said...

Wow, I didn't known that there is something like this.

Anonymous said...

WOW OMG! Today I got sooo embaressed in class and turned bright red! I decided to look up why peeps blush~I THINK ITS REALLY INTERESTING! =) Luv ya!